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Strategies Activities Observably verifiable indicators Measures Of Verification Important Assumptions
- Promote Institutional Delivery,
- Establish referral Mechanism
Reduce Maternal Mortality Corporation Reporting
- Promote use of Nischay kit for identification of Pregnancy
- Keeping record and regular follows recently married couples of those who are not using any contraceptive measures.
- Monitor regular house visit of the FHW in the field.
Early Registration of Marriage - No of Nischay kits used and number of pregnancy registered using kit identification method.
- Completeness of records FHW
- Monitoring of Field visit of diary of FHW, by UHC supervisor.
Improvement in maternal health services
- Improvement of labor room of the UHC & SC.
- Strengthening of BeMOC and CeMOC centers.
- Strengthening of staff skills through SBA training.
- A new strategy will be implemented of organizing Health Picnic for Pregnant Women.
Institutional Delivery increase in Public
Institutional Delivery
- Amount spend on strengthening of labor room
- No. of labor rooms which are upgraded
- No. of staff trained.
- No. of health picnic arranged.
- No. of pregnant women attending health picnic.
- Involvement of AWW, CBHV to do PNC and inform FHW about deliveries in the village. Post Natal Visit NO. of PNC sessions conducted by FHW.
Child Health
- Emergency new born training for all staff.
- Implementation of IMNCI in the Corporation. (Detail given in Child health part)
Reduce Infant Death - No. of staff trained in new born care.
- No. of IMNCI training sessions conducted.
- No. of staff trained in IMNCI workshop/training sessions.
- Ensuring full immunization.
- Regular check up of all the AWC kids once in a month.
- Ensuring nutritious food is being given in AWC.
- Regular monitoring of Grade 3 & 4 children.
- Parent's education session regarding how to take care of thier child.
- Ensuring regular visit of AWC by FHW and UHCMO.
Reduce Child Death - No. of children fully immunized.
- No. of kids checked by MO in AWC.
- No. of children in red zone.
- No. of parent education session conducted.
Improvement in Child Health services.
- Regular Mamta Diwas in all the Wards.
- Proper planning of Mamta Diwas, one session per Anganwadi.
- Follow up to children to reduce drop out by AWW
Ensuring Immunization of all the children - No. of Mamta Diwas sessions planned.
- % of Mamta Diwas sessions held according to Micro Plan.
- Establishment of CDNC.
- Health picnic for school going children along with their parents.
Reduce Malnutrition - No. of CDNC centers established.
- No. of health picnics arranged for school going children.
Adolescent Health
- Make services accessible for adolescent by making centers adolescent friendly.
- IEC to increase the awareness among adolescent.
- DOTs therapy for consumption of IFA in School under supervision of Teacher or Monitor of school or class.
Reduce Adolescent Anemia
Reduction of below 19 years
- No. of new AHFS centers which are established.
- No. of IEC campaigns which are held.
- No. of children which are administered IFA DOTs therapy.
Improvement in Adolescent health services
Family Planning
- Follow up of couples having one child for IUD and of two children for sterilization.
- IEC to use ECP, condom and oral pills.
- Sanitation of Mother-in-law and Father-in-law about family planning.
- Ensuring availability of OCP, ECP and condoms with CBHV, AWW and Sakhi mandal women's for promotion and utilization of all methods.
Reduce unmet need of Family Planning - No. of couples gone IUD insertion.
- No. of couples adopting sterilization after two children.
- No. of village family planning sessions held.
Improvement in family planning services.
Sex Ratio
- Regular IEC at Ward level to save the girl child.
- Monitoring of implementation of PNDT act in the Corporation.
- Community participation and Faith based organizations to sanitize the community to save the girl child.
Improvement in Sex Ration at birth. - No. of beti bachao rallies held.
- No. of nursing homes which are monitored.
- No. of nursing homes whom license was cancelled.
Improvement in Sex Ratio services